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What is a adult DL sex doll´╝č

With the rapid development of the society life, sometimes we find we lose ourselves. The emptiness in our deep heart makes us worried ,afraid and alone, you find it's hard to tell somebody about your thoughts or someone tries to help comfort you but useless.At this moment ,a real sex doll is just what you need !This DL sex toy doll is human-shaped and can act as a cute maid,a beautiful nurse,celebrity sex dolls  and even you can DIY your perfect sex doll.You can regard it as your lovely companion ,a good freind or a sex partner. You can tell or do everything to her just as you want without any psychological burden!

What a real like sex doll brings to you ?

Having sex with sex dolls for men is an amazing and different experience! Their face, breast, vagina ,torso, anal and so on that look like real people, you can even think ebony DL sex doll as your second wife to some extend. These most realistic sex dolls helps you ease the pressure of work, heat your innermost uneasiness and loneliness, or just release your most primitive desire, choose best sex doll price and enjoy better life.

Benifits of owning a real doll

Safety without STD harmonious without argument convenient without extra cost or going out self indulgence without risk of pregnancy sense of achievement without rejection virgin complex different choose &exotic style.

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What can you do to a DL real doll?

Including  a  variety of sexual activities: touching her whole body, tongue kiss, oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex, all the experience is no different from real people, some AI sex dolls can also groan to stimulate your libido.

What need to pay attention to when choose a love and sex dolls?

First, material is very important. Nowadays, The mainstream life size sex doll on the market is made by silicone ,TPE or resin, this determines the quality,safety and tactility of the dolls, some other chemical material may cause harm to your health.Second, you need to konw some brands of the real doll, such as WM Doll ,YL Doll ,IronTech Dolls,etc. Famous brands mean stylish design and high standard of the products.At last, you need to handle some tips about how to clean and maintenance your dolls, in order to extend the life of the product and sustainable use.

The difference between TPE&silicone.

TPE is a material with high elasticity, strength, resilience and the characteristics of injection molding, it's environment friendly and non-toxic safety. but it's hard to clean ,if you don't clean your doll's vagina and anal properly, it may get infected with bacterial. Silicone rubber is a kind of highly active adsorption material, it costs less to maintenance, but it is not as soft as TPE. and thermoplastic elastomer TPE soft rubber materials will replace silicone materials on the market.

Skills about how to use real sexy dolls.

When you touch her face,breast and body, just imagine you are gently stroking a piece of silk.You try to reach your penis into her deep throat,please be careful, it's easy to get torn. About vaginal sex and anal sex, you can heat them with a special plugin ,don't forget add some lubricants in it, this is for better experience and pleasure. What's more, don't forget cleaning your ultra sex doll after having sex and regularly, it's good to extend your doll's life and protect your health. 

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