4 things to know when buying sex dolls

In this society, not everyone has their own sexual partner, so many people choose to use some sex tools, watching sex cartoons use their own DIY love doll with sex perfume, today talk about buying such doll what to pay attention to.

Love doll Precautions

1. check the certification to avoid fakes

As with all industries, the sex toy industry also has a lot of deceptive and popular products, which are cheaply produced and make every effort to make money. You can avoid buying fake products by checking certifications or buying from reputable merchants. Also note whether the box says "Use only as a novelty product", which basically means "We do not guarantee the safety of the product."
Keep the wm sex doll clean

Long and soft golden hair Rebecca 163cm plump love doll

2.take care of your wm sex doll

Love your real doll , they will love you more. If you treat it well, it will treat you well. Wash before use, store carefully, check for damage, and use antibacterial wipes.

3. read the purchase evaluation

Go online and find out how others rate your sex toys. There is a large online community with a lot of trusted tpe sex doll bloggers and reviewers online, and can tell you all the information you need.

cute sexy sweet alluring love doll

4. test the taste with the nose

Don't forget the fun, if you are browsing products in your local store, try to be like an expert, and gently hold the product to your nose, just like a connoisseur of sex perfume. If the vibration of the product is so strong that you want to sneeze, then you will be satisfied when you use it normally.

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