U.S. company wants to create trans sex robots

According to media reports, a company based in California has even begun to consider building a new type of trans sex robot. A few years ago, the sex doll maker, Realbotix, has sparked controversy over the fear that sex and technological developments will affect the intimacy of people. The company's silicone sex dolls robots have artificial intelligence technology and customized personalities, and can imitate human conversations.

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Robot Silicone Sex Doll

Realbotix's "transgender robot" is actually a life size sex doll with a detachable reproductive organ, such as a female sex doll with a removable male genitalia. A robot cannot be transgender. Because no matter how sophisticated their programs are, robots cannot have a sense of identity or self-awareness like humans. Moreover, if fat sex doll have such awareness, we may face more troubles.

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