Canada's first case involving sex dolls

Canada's first child pornography case involving sex doll, today's verdict could be a precedent for similar cases in the future. (Kenneth Harrison) acquitted, the prosecution charged him with all four of his charges.

Black sex doll sold in China confiscated

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In January 2018, Harrison bought black sex doll from a Chinese website was confiscated by Canadian customs, and customs and prosecutors believe it was made to imitate minors to satisfy pedophilia. Harrison defended himself, saying that he didn't actually plan to have sex with a sex doll. He bought the doll to accompany him instead of his deceased son, so he also chose a doll with the most male-like face. Harrison has been accused of possessing child pornography, posting obscene items and smuggling and possessing prohibited items in violation of federal customs laws.

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The presiding judge, Mark Pike, believes that Harrison's love doll are indeed child pornography, and his claims are not credible. The court will not make a verdict easily, but the prosecutor failed to “exclude reasonable doubt” to prove that he chose a Children's appearance skinny sex doll . Eliminating reasonable doubt is an important standard of proof in criminal cases.

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