Instructions for customizing your own personal doll

At drdollshop, we are proud of providing the latest and greatest sex dolls. We put all our efforts into creating many details, even the design of nails. You have cost a lot of money buying lifelike sex doll , so we want to tailor dolls to your preferences, and we believe that sex dolls tailored to personal wishes will become better partners.

busty enormous breast sexy love doll

What customizations can female sex doll do?

Each part of the sex doll can be designed individually, it includes: skin color, makeup, wig type, eye color, nipple, vagina type.
Your exclusive butler.
If you are not sure which sex doll is properly for you, this is the first time you buy a sex doll, you may encounter a series of problems, please tell us your preferences, such as eye color, breast cup, whether you need to stand, after answering all the question, we will give reasonable suggestions to help you choose your favorite female sex doll . If you still have any questions about creating your own sex doll, please feel free to contact us via email.

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