How to decorate your unique sex doll?

This article wants to talk about the personalization of your love doll. The same doll of the same brand is definitely bought by a thousands of people. Now that you have bought the doll, you definitely want her (he) to become your only love doll. Most brands on the market have basically only one standard for whether the same doll is different or not, it's "hair transplanted". Whether the price of the same doll is "hair transplanted" is about 300$. For people who want to personalize their baby friends, they usually choose non-hair transplanted heads. The benefit of the non-hair planting version is that it can not only be personalized, but also changeable in shape.

171cm enormous breasts sexy love doll

Realistic Sex Doll Personality Settings

1. Identity settings, such as celebrity , the girl next door, students at school, etc.
2. Career settings: such as teachers, police, nurses, white-collar workers, etc.
3. Personality setting: passionate, reserved, cute, sexy, etc.
4. Relationship setting: such as sister, girlfriend, wife, etc. 
The real sexy doll is a blank after made by the factory, and it needs to be dressed up by the customer to give it an independent personality. In addition to the head carving and body you can not change, the doll's fun lies in hair, eyeballs, face makeup, clothing, accessories, and shoes that you can choose according to your favorites Let ’s talk about them one by one.

Mini Sex Doll Hair

There are also many Mini Sex Doll wig styles, long hair, short hair, curly hair, straight hair, there are various styles, there are various colors, and some can also be DIY. There are currently three types of wig materials on the market: ordinary silk, high-temperature silk, real hair, and price quality.
1. Ordinary silk: cheap, basically fixed shape, quality is also slightly poor, difficult to take care of, easy to scrap.
2. High temperature silk: The price is moderate, the characteristic is that the silk is resistant to high temperature, and you can make all kinds of styles by yourself. Most cosplay wigs are this way.
3. Real hair: expensive, made from real human hair, with all the advantages of real human hair.

Muscular sexy fascinating ravishing love doll Tracy

Japanese Sex Doll Eyeballs

At present, the eyeballs of dolls on the market are different according to different styles. They are set by the manufacturers before leaving the factory, but some manufacturers can choose (currently relatively few), and the quality of the eyeballs is also high or low. The difference between the quality of the eyeball is the quality of the material and the painting, and the second choice is the color of the eyeball iris. In theory, research can be replaced, because when designing a solid japanese sex doll doll, there is a device in the eye that fixes the eyeball on it, and the eyeball can rotate in the device. Adjusting the doll's eyes is this method. However, the removal device can only be taken out of the face orbit, and requires special tools. It is not easy to operate and can easily damage the doll's eyes. It is best not to try it by yourself. If you need to change the eyeball, you can contact the manufacturer or find a professional to complete it. The eyes are the window of the soul. A pair of special eyeballs will undoubtedly make your doll not only special but also glorious. 

Purple hair cat ears medium breasts love doll

Male Sex Doll Face Makeup

The body doll's head is also divided into silicone and tpe materials. Face makeup is available when the doll leaves the factory, and is produced by professional masters.
1. The face makeup made of Tpe is relatively simple and generally only has eye makeup and lip makeup. Due to the material, the adhesion is not strong. After a long time of use, it even fades. Now many manufacturers have makeup consultation service . You can ask for advice before they make your doll. 
2. The male sex doll face makeup made of silicone is relatively fine, and it will be worn on almost the entire face, and even some meticulous to the capillaries. Due to the special pigment used in the material characteristics, the makeup will not fall off because of clean, but you should also pay attention to it,silicone makeup wear is irreversible.

Plump ravishing fascinating sexy love doll

Female Sex Doll Clothing

Buying clothing is the most intuitive way to reflect the personality of a doll. The advantage of a realistic doll is a real person 1: 1. Basically, you can buy real clothing directly on the market, with many styles and different prices. There are several types of doll costumes:
1. Everyday clothing: This type of clothing is the most common, that is the clothes and pants we usually wear every day.
2. Professional clothing: what we call uniforms, JK student uniforms, OL uniforms, teachers, nurses, police, military personnel, etc., can be used to set the profession of dolls.
3 Erotic clothing: Bunny girls, bikinis, and underwear belong to this type of clothing. Female sex doll are sexy and hot, soft and cute, and they can add sexual to the tactile.

153cm cherry mouth plump breasts love doll
WM Doll Shoes

Doll shoes need to be sized by the manufacturer for reference, and the feet of the doll are also different. You still need to buy them for trial, the matching is based on the style of clothing.
Accessories play a finishing touch, with all kinds of hats, headdresses, hairpins, etc. on the head. Body rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, etc. Clothing accessories include brooches corsage school emblem tie and so on. WM doll legs can have feet stockings, tattoo stickers, etc. It also includes some props, hand-held, body-back, etc. These also need to be matched according to the settings of your doll.

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