My wife is on a business trip and i'm hooked on sex dolls

Doris has been married to his wife for 6 years. In May last year, his wife was assigned by the company to take charge of the business at another city. This is the first time that Doris has separated after he got married, and it will take a long time. In his heart, he is very reluctant to accept his wife, but has to accept this reality in order to work.

Black Sex Doll: Solving the Seven Year Itch

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In the days that followed, in order to alleviate this pain, Doris devoted all his energy to his work, sometimes staying in the office all night to work late into the night, in order not to give himself the opportunity to be alone and think about his wife .

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By chance, Doris discovered drdollshop and bought a sex doll, an empty nest man like him. He couldn't help looking at the realistic and sexy shape. After much hesitation, Doris bought a love black sex doll . After the money was remitted, it didn't take long for him to receive a parcel. A young and beautiful girl with a realistic image was presented in front of Doris. Looking at that sexy and erotic sex doll, he couldn't help feeling moody, and the long-depressed sexual desire broke out uncontrollably ...

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With this experience, Doris quickly became obsessed with this love doll, and before going to bed every night, he had to find out to be gentle with “she” before he could enter dreamland.

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