Here comes the sex robot!

With the development of technology , the demand for hyper-simulation robots made using artificial intelligence (AI) is also skyrocketing. Sex robot is an artificial intelligence robot device, it's origin from sex doll , such sex robots can trigger actual physical reactions through the brain, or allow people to have a complete sexual sensation in the brain. This sexual experience is safe without the risk of sexual confusion and sexually transmitted diseases. These weird humanoid robots can talk, and they are set to have evolutionary personality that can achieve dozens of different sexual poses.
Behavioral therapist Nicolas Aujula believes that sex robots can greatly reduce sexual crimes, and that this can also reduce sexual violence to a large extent. I hope that in the next ten years, girls will not be so scared when they go out alone at night like they do now.
Sex robots are getting a lot of media attention, the US science and technology information website CNET recently reported that, whether you like it or not, the era of sex robots is coming towards us, setting off a "sex revolution".
Foreign media reported that the size of the sex technology market will reach approximately $ 30 billion. TrueCompanion, a New Jersey-based company, launched the world's first sex robot in 2010. This sex robot is called Roxxxy. In addition to having all the functions of an inflatable doll, Roxxxy can also send e-mail to the host, upgrade its own program on the Internet, automatically expand the vocabulary and other functions, and even accompany people to chat.
Many sexual robots on the market today do not have much similarity with real human partners, so this type of robot is unlikely to allow humans to have true love. However, Cheok feels that robots are not the most restrictive in robotics, but software that enables robots to communicate with humans.

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