Hot sale! Doris 153cm at dldollshop

Now, I write an article on my blog every week and often need to introduce a new head or body, mainly focusing on our hot sex dolls.

153cm cherry mouth plump breasts love doll
So it's really about the manufacturer, it's patching, researching and very important, feedback from customers and distributors is implemented! It's not just about the material of the skeleton or the quality of the new joints, it's also about the appearance of the sex doll .
A good example is the new Doris from dldollshop. Due to the customer's multiple requests, we have given her a perfect face. Now when you buy Doris, we will give you a vibrator and a vaginal cleaner.
You can see it in the photos of the new 165 cm body I showed.

plump cute sexy slim love doll

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