How hard is it to make a silicone sex doll that is realistic enough to see blood vessels?

In recent years, silicone sex doll have become more and more popular in the world. Because of the development of the Internet, many people know about silicone sex dolls, especially the emergence of silicone sex doll experience stores in the previous year. Today, groups of sex doll lovers show up in circles one by one. These people used to be considered freaks, but as the team has grown, it has gradually been accepted.

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Hot sex doll scares police

There's always a lot of news about silicone dolls, but hot sex dolls that look like real people have terrified a lot of people. For example, some time ago, someone put a very realistic silicone hot sex doll under the bed. After moving, the owner never took it away. Later, someone found it, thinking it was a dead body, and quickly called the police. This frightens the police. I really don't know how realistic these silicone hot sex dolls are to frighten the police?

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Realistic silicone big booty sex doll can see blood vessels

How realistic are silicone big booty sex dolls? I tell you, it's so real that even the blood vessels are clearly visible. It was made very beautifully. When you fire a bullet, your skin looks like it's torn and the blood vessels underneath are blurred. If you don't know in advance that it's a silicone big booty sex doll, your friends might mistake it for a real person.

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