How to distinguish real or fake of real dolls?

The authenticity of lifelike sex doll is very important.At present, the share of fake goods has exceeded the share of genuine goods in the market.It is a worrying issue, the fake goods have caused great damage to the interests of customers. How to distinguish between real and fake of real dolls, there are some basic explanations.

lifelike sex doll
The material of the sex doll is relatively elastic, the hardness is high, the flesh is white, the surface is smooth, and the authenticity is strong. The fakes are harder, the elasticity is poor, the flesh is darker, the surface is slightly sticky, and the feel is not smooth and unreal.
The real goods have a slight fragrance, some are not, almost close to tasteless. Fake goods have a bad smell, gel smell, and some can be disgusting.
The licensed product can be used repeatedly without problems. The fake product is used once or several times, even it will be broken at the first use.
Health and safety
The genuine goods are generally made of non-toxic molecular materials and have no negative effect on the human body. The material of the fake goods is generally made of ordinary plastic, which will have a negative effect on the human body.
The genuine goods have industry standards, and the fakes are all imitations. It is not easy for outsiders to find out. You can refer to it from the price. Don't think about cheap.

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