How to do dust removal for sex dolls?

I believe that every individual doll-loving buyer cherishes his dolls, but sometimes they don’t know how to do the dust removal treatment for thier sex doll , this article will share these tips with you. The sex doll's skin is very soft, but its skin is porous, which allows the doll's skin to absorb moisture, but is easily affected by stains. If you wear dark underwear or tight clothes for the sex doll. After a long time, these pigments will penetrate the surface of the doll's skin and leave marks, which will greatly affect the appearance.

TPE Sex Doll Oil Problem

Every veteran user who loves dolls knows that whether they are tpe sex doll or silicone dolls, they will face oil problems. The main reason is that in the production of dolls, a certain amount of industrial grease must be added during the production process to ensure that the doll's skin is soft. TPE dolls use industrial white oil and silicone dolls use silicone oil. During the use and storage of dolls, oil will leak from the skin, which is what we often call oily phenomenon.
If the small area is covered with dust, we can wash it directly with soapy water, then wipe the whole body with a wet towel, and finally put them in the air and dry. If the skin surface of the doll is contaminated by a large area, it is recommended that you treat it with olive oil or industrial white oil. First, apply olive oil or industrial white oil on the big booty sex doll skin surface, and gently wipe the dust with a towel (cotton, thin towel), and finally repeat the previous steps.

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How to clean up hot sex doll stains in detail:

First of all, buy professional cleaners, all hot sex doll purchased on dldollshop will be given free cleaners, of course, you can buy according to your preference. Next: Use a cotton swab to apply solvent on the stains. Do not use too much force when wiping the baby doll, it will easily damage the doll's skin surface. the duration is about 10-60s. Finally, after removing the dirt, gently wipe the contaminated area again with a new clean towel or cotton swab.
To protect your sex dolls from dust, keep them in a dry, clean place. In addition, because static electricity can also make your love doll dirty with dust, pack your doll when not in use. Finally, use condoms when using sex dolls. this will prevent the most effective dust.

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