How to select love doll?

In recent years, the sex doll industry is in full swing. There are hundreds of doll models on the market. A newbie to sex dolls, has a complete understanding of sex doll? How to choose a favorite doll, here I will give you a few tricks, the following questions and instructions are very important to you, please read carefully.
1.Select material
Tpe doll material is soft, tear-resistant, good elasticity, easy to dye, easy to deform, easy to oil, moderate life, body details and makeup look slightly inferior, can not grow hair, eyelashes, matte material, heavy weight is difficult to wear clothes , The price is relatively cheap. Silicone sex doll material is soft, malleable slightly inferior to TPE, not easy to dye, not easy to oil, not easy to deform, long life, body curve and skin texture and other details perform well, can be painted, can be planted, eyelashes are planted, the material is bright and heavy It is difficult to dress and the price is the most expensive.

2. Choose a brand
Dolls on the market have Chinese brands, Japanese brands, European and American brands. The price of imported dolls is much more expensive than domestic ones. The price of imported brands is 2,000-4,000$ and domestic brands are less than 3,000$. There are definitely expensive reasons for expensive prices, the ,more expensive is a full silicone doll. It is recommended to choose a big brand with guaranteed quality. WM doll is the most famous in European and American markets.
3. Head selection
There are many styles of head carving, European and American type, Asian type, mature type, girl type, loli type and so on. The choice of looks varies from person to person. In terms of materials, the silicone head makeup is exquisite and not easy to fade. Hair can be planted with eyelashes. The installation details are slightly poor and easy to fade. Using a hair cover, the eyelashes stick easily and fall off easily. Good head shape for a perfect experience

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