Is it legal to buy sex dolls in the United States?

Yes, except for juvenile sex dolls, sex dolls are legal in the United States. At dldollshop all our love doll, including Japanese sex dolls, torso and life-size sex dolls, are legal. We follow relevant national laws and all our products are tailored to customer needs.

charming slender glamorous attractive love doll

Arrested for buying love doll

Some groups have been arrested for buying dolls from sex doll online, because illegally selling child sex dolls could violate US law. Therefore, always avoid buying pre-puberty dolls, as this is illegal in the United States. These types of sex dolls promote pedophilia, a mental illness that is sexually attractive to children.
Note: This should not be considered practical legal advice. Consult a U.S. attorney for legal advice. We only talk about anecdotes from our previous experiences.

SM temptation Beryl 158cm attractive love doll

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