Adult sex doll science knowledge: maintenance

Before taking care of your sex doll , you need to know some basic knowledge. Make-up or make-up remove can use olive oil and makeup remover. The function of olive oil is very comprehensive, it is common in the market and It's very practical. People with sex dolls can often hold on it. In most cases, makeup can be removed, men who don’t have excellent skills, do not clean their eyebrows frequently, because very few people can continue to paint their eyebrows. For a customer who is in love with dolls for the first time, it is recommended to start with flower lip gloss, later, learn how to apply makeup to eyes, eyelashes and more.

158cm 31kg beautiful breasts love doll

Skeletons about bbw sex doll

The bbw sex doll skeleton is not omnipotent at present, that is to say, consult the scope of the skeleton's movement in advance. If it is broken, it will be troublesome to return it for repair. TPE is very resistant to tearing, it can be pinched and grasped, but please remember to cut your nails,it's okay if just leave small marks,but It is not good if you make a crack, and leaving nail marks will rebound. If you have silicone, then I suggest you don't try hard, because silicone usually does not have resilience, scars are irreversible, nail marks will not go down, and it will greatly affect the beauty of your sex doll.

Attractive slim fascinating sexy Celeste love doll

Placement of mini sex dolls

Mini sex doll is easy to place, just find a place anywhere is ok , the luggage can be put down from 65 cm to 105 cm, the larger one is difficult to find. Above 125, you can put a sofa-type storage box, which is safer. From the outside, it is a sofa, and people will not see that this is a storage box for sex dolls. But remember to wrap it with a blanket when you put it on to prevent the doll from being damaged by collision.
In the end, the love doll must be powdered at the cut-off time, it is important to control the imitation dyeing of oil. Light colors are not easy to dye, but if the doll has a lot of oil, it will automatically absorb the color. If you keep it in your closet, remember not to curl up all the time, or move it, otherwise your joints will break easily. Or make a hook, leave a hole on the back, just like hanging clothes.

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