Lifelike Sex Dolls, Your Pillow Companion You Care About

Maslow, a famous American social psychologist, pointed out that human needs include five levels: physiological needs, safety needs, belonging and love needs, esteem needs, and self-actualization needs. I did it. However, for most people, other than food and water, other basic physiological needs may not be met. This is a very unpleasant reality. At the beginning of the birth of lifelike sex dolls, it was to let people get rid of the shackles of nature and directly see their own needs.

Desirable exquisite Alma 163cm love doll

Japan's first hot sex doll sales

In the 1970s, Japanese manufacturers mass-produced and sold sex dolls. It's like a human-shaped hard ball, very rough and ugly. Later, with the advancement of technology, we gradually began to use silicone materials and TPE materials with delicate texture and realistic shapes. Today, hot sex doll are also endowed with the affection of their owners. Owners have more expectations and set their preferred identity and name.

In today's world, hot sex dolls and doll owners lead different lives. In Detroit, Michigan, David Carter regularly blogs about his life diary and three dolls. On the other hand, Japanese uncle Maeji Nakajima often goes out for walks with hot sex dolls, while Guizhou uncle not only raises his son alone, but also brings the hot sex doll he usually wears, I wait. For them, sex dolls are also part of the family and can enjoy all kinds of happy moments. In China, many people choose dolls as their companions. It is estimated that there are more than 200,000 registered members of the physical hot sex doll forum, most of which are male.

Evelyn-cutesy glamorous alluring love doll

Many people think that silicone sex dolls are not art

However. Much of the world is neither life nor art. The extraordinary ability of the general public to daydream about love and sex often stems from a lack of expectations. On the physical silicone sex dolls forum, Al, a nerd from the girl group, didn't look very good when he saw him, so he had to wear short-sighted glasses. He said that when he was resting, he always sat alone in the corner chasing news of the girl group. The girls in the girl group smiled at him across the screen, and a ray of light suddenly appeared in his heart.

That is to say, Xiaoyang, who cohabited with silicone sex dolls, aroused heated discussions in the society as early as a few years ago. Xiao Yang is an artist. When he was a child, he was rarely cared for by his family. Until the age of 29, he was afraid of marriage and relationships because of the lack of affection. He prefers virtual worlds online and lifelike silicone sex doll that are both family and partners to reality. It made him feel necessary.

Therefore, when you open the door to the mystical realm of the physical doll, you are drawn, deepened, and forced to take something out of it, to achieve self-satisfaction. I don't know, but if you're happy, do you want more? The twists and turns of true love... Couples tend to be sensitive when they're in a relationship, and men get upset. Dolls can withstand all the demands and anxieties of men.

Why do Chinese people buy lifelike love dolls?

Madge-heroic exquisite firtatious love doll

In China, the traditional concept of having a boy and previous policies have exacerbated the imbalance between men and women, and the popularity of the lifelike love doll market is also surprising. Some people describe such a physical sex doll: "She" has a perfect figure, a pair of bright eyes, lying quietly on the bed. "She" is a daily necessities of many "loneliness" in China. In Shenzhen's physical love doll company, such physical sex dolls sell for thousands of yuan.

My friend Ash has a physical love doll like this. Like many others, Ash, 28, left his hometown of Henan to pursue his dream in a southern city. He lives alone, and sometimes goes back to his hometown on vacation to visit his parents. He is prettier, but poorer. So I took out the money and bought a physical lifelike sex doll from dldollshop.

WM sex doll are more than just tools for sex

Fanny-cute pure lovely love doll

But for Xiaozhi, a physical wm sex doll can satisfy him, not accompany him. He admits that the perfect physical wm sex doll comes from exquisite design and production, but only real people can always give him the real feeling. Only real people can have a heart, express emotions, and respond to what you say and do.

A sex doll is like a perfect lover. When you're single, it's hard to find a girl you like and look good to. It's hard to find someone I like and I'm worried I might not like it. If you don't want to be with you, sooner or later your enthusiasm will wane. Life is lonely, and in the long life, there is often anxiety and fear of losing. Yuna's wm lifelike sex dolls are always at your service.

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