Material Analysis of elf sex doll

The tactile of the sex toy doll is a part that everyone has always been concerned about. A soft doll determines whether you can achieve the real feeling in the use experience.
1 The body of the doll
The doll body is made of TPE material with a new formula ratio. The main torso is moderately soft. If you choose hard, you will not have the touch that fits your skin when you experience it. If you are soft, then you need to spend an abnormal amount of energy in the later maintenance and maintenance, and take care of her carefully
2The design of the breasts
The recommended solution is a dual-core breast milk design. It is well known that TPE production is an integrated design.Then our elf sex dolls use soft material first when considering the design of the breasts, and then make a full body injection molding on this whole, the effect you experience is that the touch of the breasts will be infinitely close to real.
3 Type of vagina
The doll's under body is also a dual-material design like the breasts, and the lower body uses a unique coloring process.If the lower body of the doll is very hard when you experience it, then your experience will be greatly reduced. On the contrary, if the material is very soft and finished with a unique coloring process, it will give you a true visual experience from the inside to the outside.

elf sex doll

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