Real doll purchasing guide

1. There is absolutely no trace of impulse
No matter how beautiful the real doll is, then it will be forced to submit to the current environment. Although the culture of the sex doll has become small in recent years, some videos, pictures and other materials have gradually spread. People who know the real doll have also gotten more and more extensive, but after all, it is still a relatively obscure item. First of all, you must consider the storage problem. When you live with others, you must consider how to communicate or hide.
2.You must know enough about the doll you are about to buy!
Tpe sex dolls or silicone sex dolls, there are some details for customers to choose, and then order according to the requirements of customers and put into production.The main options are listed below:
The color of the skin: black / wheat/ tan / white.
Head part: wigs style; eyes color; some manufacturers will provide makeup choices and some special head structure choices such as tongue. Different wigs will have greatly changed visual effects.
Body: skeleton selection, most manufacturers will provide skeleton selection, you must know that there are many kinds of skeletons. TPE as an example, it can be divided into solid and hollow. Of course, the hollow feel will be better, but if it is generally small breasts type, it is recommended to use solid, depending on your choice.
Standing options: The lower version is similar to the human body. However, it is not allowed to stand. Longer time will cause lower damage. So the regular version is not recommended! Because it will reduce a lot of available styles!

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