Sex doll girlfriends for singles, will you be tempted?

When we buy sex doll, the first thing we see is pictures, but are the pictures we see really reliable? Is the real thing as good as the picture? There is a question mark here.

Afra-forest pure girl cute love doll L Cup

The concept of silicone sex dolls and inflatable dolls

Silicone sex dolls and inflatable dolls are related to a certain extent. They are equivalent to the difference between apples and pears, but although they are both fruits, they are very different. The inflatable doll is a product of the last century. Its material is mainly plastic, and then it is inflated with an inflatable cylinder. Although such an inflatable doll is cheap, it is often ugly. The silicone sex doll is a scientific research product produced by the most advanced inverted mold technology. She is very realistic and can be said to be exactly the same as the real person, so the price is also relatively expensive. The most expensive silicone sex doll sold on the market exceeds 10,000. US dollars, and the cheap will not be less than three thousand dollars.

Bright shining eyes Thera 158cm clearly makeup love doll

Why are your silicone hot sex dolls so cheap?

First of all, we are a Chinese company. China is the origin of silicone, and our cost of producing silicone hot sex doll is relatively low. Second, we are direct manufacturers to get the goods. In order to give a feedback to our dldollshop users, we also specially set up a category of discount sex dolls, we hope you can find suitable sex dolls in it.

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