Sex doll Show in China

In April 2019, the four-day thirteenth Shanghai International Adult Exhibition was held in Shanghai, with tens of thousands of visitors coming in each day to take photos, repost, and share the novelty and joy brought by sex products. Compared with the past, there are more post-80s and post-90s in this exhibition. For the younger generation of China, sex is no longer a taboo and ashamed topic.

realistic attractive fascinating lovely love doll

Skinny sex doll experience shop owner

With the development and hidden social network, people are more free to talk about and share sex, which has also created unprecedented business opportunities for the development of related industries.
Yang Dongyue is one of the exhibitors at the Shanghai International Adult Exhibition. At the age of 34, he started a physical skinny sex doll factory in Dalian. He studied in Japan in his early years. Started earning the first bucket of life in Japan by operating luxury goods in 2006. Three years later, he set his sights on realistic sex dolls (actually silicone) and set up a research and development team. Up to now, the monthly output has reached up to 400. The development of the business exceeded Yang Dongyue's imagination. Orders from home and abroad challenged the factory's capacity. But Yang Dongyue was not satisfied with this, "Our products have to enter the homes of ordinary people"

Kimono lovely Kimono sexy Japanese love doll

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