Sex dolls helped me find love

A Californian man told reporters that he had found love again, he was Dan. His wife was killed in a car accident when he was 50. Since then he has lived alone. By chance, he met Leona, and his life changed dramatically.

Dan's life with a sex doll

small breasts 158cm and 31kg cute sexy love doll
Dan lives in an apartment in California with his life-size love doll. Although Leona can't speak and can only watch him quietly, Dan claims to be happy because the existence of a sex doll is not just about Is "the pursuit of sex"
In the beginning, Dan was just having sex with a sex doll and dreaming of her as his wife. However, on a lonely night, a sex doll could satisfy his emptiness, but a few months later, he began to have a stronger feeling for the sex doll, not just having a relationship with her, calling her "more than just a sex toy ".

Dan fell in love with silicone dolls

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Dan said he found his silicone wife had real life, and the couple formed a bond to spend a good time and romantic evening together. When talk about his silicone doll, Dan said: "She never betrayed and never asked me for money. I am very tired of modern people, they are all false.
Now, Dan takes care of Leona carefully and regard her as his own children. He takes her out for walking, sits in a wheelchair, takes her around, and takes pictures for her. They now share one bed, Dan even bathes his beloved doll and choose clothes for her every morning.

Sexy secretary charming and attractive Audrey love doll
He added: "For me, she is more than just a  love doll , she has her own soul and has become an integral part of my life. She needs a lot of help, but she is still my perfect companion, and I share precious moments and enrich my life. "
In the United States, more and more people choose to love dolls as their partners. The cost of most sex dolls ranges from $ 1,000 to $ 5,000.
You actually need a sex doll, don't you?

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