Silicone dolls, not just sex partners

Most people have misunderstandings about sex dolls. They think that these dolls are just cold toys that used to vent sexual desires. It really is not the case, sex dolls are even more beautiful than real people. They have long legs, big breasts, blond hair, blue eyes etc, your sex doll can be anything you want. So, is the silicone doll a sex toy or a humanoid companion? Can it emotionally replace real people? Does its existence affect the close relationship in reality?

Visit a wm doll factory

165cm and 35kg elastic breasts sexy love doll
In August this year, a team came to Dalian, Liaoning, and visited the first silicone wm doll factory in China. Next, we shared the photographer ’s experience of visiting the factory. Photographer Michel: “It likes an auto parts factory, industrialized and sophisticated. If a man comes here, he will definitely want to bring a doll back, you bring back a doll, you are the winner of life, that day is Valentine ’s Day, I hug the silicone doll from left to right, I feel that I am not alone at all. ”Female editor Angela : "The factory settings of each doll are French manicure, perfect makeup, really exquisite girls. I can really believe after seeing it with my own eyes, why would a man put in a real affection for them, because here he can really get a own goddess, no real beauty can match these silicone doll . "

Survey of Chinese doll hot sex Consumers

162cm and 49kg enormous breasts plump love doll
We interviewed some Chinese consumers. So, who are the subscribers of these silicone dolls? Dong Kui said, "The cost of solving sexual desire with a doll hot sex is too high, a doll may not be used 100 times. What I need is a humanoid partner who has his own psychological needs more than physiological needs." "These doll lover may give us impression is that otaku, usually do not contact women, middle-aged can not marry his wife. But among our players, 30% -40% are married. Some couples who have no children raise them as a daughter. People who are widowed will find spiritual sustenance through their dolls. "
In China, doll lover have a niche circle. Like other hobbies, people share fun and experiences on the forums, meet friends and socialize. Beijinger Zhang Bo said: "We usually stay together and put our dolls on the sofa, talk with her about life, prices, prices, and national conditions.

Treat a big booty sex doll as a girlfriend

Elegant fresh natural beauty Quintina love doll
"Lovers, friends, and family will leave, but the doll will not die." When I searched online for pictures of silicone dolls, a group of photographs by Korean artist June Korea jumped out. In this group of works called "Eva", silicone dolls are his fantasy girlfriends. They eat, sleep and play outdoors, no different from real lovers.
Are big booty sex doll sex toys or humanoid companions? Can it emotionally replace real people? Does its existence affect the close relationship in reality? With this series of questions, we found a sex education expert and psychologist Fan Hua and talked to him. The following is the interview record:
Reporter: How to define a silicone doll?
Fan Hua: Silicone dolls are also called physical dolls and sex dolls. They are a kind of real sex toys with a high degree of function. In the past, many movies and reports mentioned inflatable dolls. With the technological revolution and the evolution of materials, there are now silicone dolls. People may need more sexual fantasies, such as visual and tactile stimulation, and psychological satisfaction, which creates the need for artificial human toys. Silicone doll has a human form, it is actually a derivative of sex toys.

Realistic high-end charming Ophelia love doll
Reporter: Is it a one-sided view of it as a love doll ?
Fan Hua: For users, there is a kind of stigma in "sex doll", as if he has a doll, he is a pervert. Users sometimes do not have sex with it, they also eat and hug with it, called "sex doll" seems unsuitable , users need to be euphemistic and implicit. In fact, in my opinion, the definition and understanding of sex in this view are too narrow, and we must stretch the definition of sex.

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