South Australia bans child sex dolls

Sex doll that is designed based on the child will be banned after the South Australian government supports the new legislation. According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, previously, Connie Bonaros, a member of the House of Lords of the South Australian Best Party (SA-Best), has proposed the introduction of a personal bill. Any convicted person who produces, spreads, or holds a child-like sex doll can be up to sentenced to 10 years in prison. Bonaros said some adjustments were made to the laws after the South Australian police found the dolls after they "disrupted" the child's sexual behavior. "Sex dolls were found in South Australia, but for those doll holders, we were not able to charge them under Australian law at the time."
According to data from the Home Office, Australia imported 133 child sex dolls in five years between mid-2013 and mid-2018. Bonaros said that these dolls are currently produced in overseas markets, including Japan, China and Hong Kong. Manufacturers will also provide tailor-made options, the most disturbing is the development trend of manufacturing machine dolls. She also stated that she intends to write to Chapman, urging them to enact similar laws, and to the Japanese government, asking for measures to be taken against manufacturers and suppliers.
These related laws make it clear that child sex dolls fall under the jurisdiction of "child exploitation materials."

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