Such a delicate japanese sex doll looks beautiful

The japanese sex doll culture we are familiar with is actually a new era of Internet culture, and we know the details of our favorite characters. However, the price of japanese sex doll is not so beautiful, and the more beautiful and better quality japanese sex doll are, the higher the price.

Goddess Wallis 158cm sexy busty love doll

The price of skinny sex doll turned me off

I have wanted a skinny sex doll for a long time, but the price is very high. Is there a way to satisfy this desire without spending so much money? In the eyes of many outsiders who do not understand sex dolls, "sex doll = inflatable doll" is a physiological product used to satisfy their desires.
In fact, in my opinion, their definition and understanding of sex dolls are too one-sided and too narrow. Our skinny sex doll are all made of TPE material, with faces like 18- and 19-year-old girls, round melon seeds, black eyes, and a faint blush on the cheeks. The whole person is full of youth, and it is full of atmosphere. This kind of sex doll will make me fast even if I don't use it for sex.

SM temptation Beryl 158cm attractive love doll

The most authentic introduction to fat sex doll

Fat sex doll are related to gender, have this attribute, and belong to privacy. She can even satisfy all human sexual needs. But beyond that, the doll has many other uses. Dolls can fill some psychological gaps and give people a sense of security.
This sex doll has a delicate shape, can be adjusted freely, the joints are perfect ergonomic joints, and the artificial skin is full of realism. Fat sex doll can be very beautiful works of art, such as wearing beautiful costumes, cosplay and other skills. So I made her a waiter. Besides, she's also a good partner, and it's not a bad thing if it doesn't affect other people's lives.

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