The inflatable doll era is over!

In the United States, inflatable dolls have been popular on the market before, but sex dolls are undergoing a revolution and are becoming more and more realistic. Inflatable dolls are still very popular in the mixed race sex dolls toy market. Their prices are very attractive, and the packaging is small and discreet. When talking about appearance and fidelity, everyone's mind will have a cold face, open their mouths, screaming, and when it comes to feeling, there is a certain improvement in the chest and vagina of the inflatable doll.

slender beautiful alluring coquettish love doll

The rise of the real mixed race sex dolls

A new generation of sex dolls is gradually replacing inflatable chinese sex doll, her beauty and sexual experience are incredible. She has a completely structured metal skeleton, super soft skin structure, improved texture to increase the senses, and the gap in realistic appearance is simply breathtaking! There are even revolutionary breakthroughs, sex robots have been launched and the first tests have been launched. She can talk freely with people, move, and even make vivid expressions, accomplish many tasks and bring almost "disturbing" realism.
With the boom of the sex doll industry, it is certain that the time for inflatable dolls is definitely over!

Beautiful bride Maxine sexy busty love doll

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