4 tips you must know about using sex dolls

High-end realistic sex dolls are a luxury and not cheap. If you want the best experience with milf sex doll, it's time to learn some tips to enhance this experience. This article provides tips and tricks to help you in the actual sex doll experience.

firtatious coquettish 165cm medium-sized breasts love doll

Use lube when fucking a sex doll

Do not have sex with a sex doll without using a lubricant (if your love doll is made of silicone, use only synthetic lubricants that are safe for silicone). Having sex with your love doll without lubricant is not comfortable and you cannot enjoy this experience. What's more, using a sex doll without lubricant can damage her synthetic skin. Over time, it may shorten the life of your love doll. Keep your love doll in top shape and use lubricants often to get the most fun and best simulated experience with her.

Please take good care of school girl sex doll

Attractive graceful Griselda 150cm 25kg love doll
Do not use sharp objects to touch the school girl sex doll skin. Once your sex doll breaks, it can hardly be repaired. Also, be careful not to stretch your limbs too much. You can stretch her joints appropriately, but don't expand so much.

Never share a teen sex doll with others

teen sex doll is your personal property. Don’t share it with others, but if you insist on sharing an unprotected sex doll with other people at the same time or time and time again, it is essentially like dangerous to each other sex, so don't share sex dolls with others.

Plump Diana sexy 150cm alluring foxy love doll
Clean up your love doll

Over time, bacteria can build up in love doll , especially if you ejaculate in an opening in the doll and don't wear a condom. Always use mild detergents and hot water (rather than boiling water). Do not completely soak your doll in a bathtub or expose it to extreme heat (such as a hairdryer). After gently wiping the sex doll with soap and water, use towel dries her body.

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