Toronto sex doll brothel is about to open

It is said to be the first "Ola doll" sex doll brothel in North America to open in Toronto North York. According to business reports, a variety of silicone sex doll  are displayed in it. Our services are legal and local residents show great interest in new things. But there are also some local residents who do not want to see it driving where they live, especially near their children.

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"Ola Doll" is located in a neighborhood with 25,000 residents and there are four primary schools nearby. Most of the residents are disgusted and shocked by the opening plan of "school girl sex doll", but this does not mean that people in this neighborhood are narrow-minded or conservative. What you love to do in your own home, as long as it doesn't affect others, everyone will not judge you morally. "Ola Doll" is planned to be open seven days a week and 24 hours a day, but said that it will be very low-key, will not disturb the people, and will not have the vision as McDonald's. "Ola Doll" guarantees that the cleanliness of its dolls will satisfy customers. But some residents believe that its threat to public health is another concern.

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The "Ola Doll" is set to open on September 8. The store is not particularly eye-catching. It is located in an unremarkable shopping plaza on the northern part of Yonge Street. The current scheduled price ranges from $ 80 half an hour to $ 480 for four hours, a monthly package is also available. A company representative said that new sex doll would be purchased soon, with male dolls planned in the future. He said that the company did not violate any laws and that all dolls were adult figures and heights. In fact, North York opened a shop to rent and sell milf sex doll last year. Customers need to make an appointment in advance. The rental price also starts at $ 80 for half an hour. If you take it home, it will cost $ 250 an hour. However, the store opened in an industrial area and does not own a brothel. It seems that there is no problem with operating permits so far.

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