True love with love doll

A British man revealed that he finally found happiness. A sex doll will accompany him throughout his life. After having his first child in 1994, Mike's wife divorced him and took away his daughter, Mike couldn't find them for many years afterwards.

lovely realistic beautiful fascinating love doll

Make up your wife's emptiness with sex dolls

For so many years, Mike has lived a life of pain and suffering.
Later, after years of searching, through the social platform, he finally found his daughter and reunited with her, but after the incident of his ex-wife, he could no longer establish a relationship with the woman. Sad Mike now has two love doll companions, one is Salama and the other is Sharon . He will go shopping with his love doll every day. Mike often dresses them, bathes them, and dresses them in various shapes.

attractive high-end slender love doll D Cup

What are these dolls made of

These valuable dolls are usually made of silicone. The materials that are used to make anime sex dolls skin are usually very fragile PVC materials. Mike specially added a wristband to her wrists to prevent the skin material from breaking. Even so, their skin is also starting to wear off.

Desirable exquisite Alma 163cm love doll

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