What to do with unwanted sex dolls?

1. Drift bottle-style mail to the people who really love her. We know that for the high-quality sex dolls that are not cheap, some people are eager to buy but finally give up because they don't have enough money in their pockets. So if you are the owner who doesn’t know how to deal with these unwanted love dolls, then you can decisively show kindness and simply clean up these sex dolls and send them to some young otakus who need sex doll . In this way, you not only deal with the love dolls that you feel difficult to handle, but also you really help those lonely men who are eager for love doll to come into practical contact. Perhaps because of your goodwill this time, you will welcome some like-minded sex doll friends.

sexy enchanting graceful love doll
2. Manufacturer recycling. For high-quality doll products such as high-simulation silicone sex doll , she can be recycled, we know that the cost of high-simulation solid dolls is not low. In addition, for the entire high-end sex doll market today, the vast majority of sex dolls are all recyclable. On the one hand, the manufacturer can recycle the raw materials of the little ass sex dolls for secondary processing at a better price, and secondly, you can save a good amount of money for you to buy the high simulation doll next time.

sexy fascinating alluring love doll
3. Bury memories. As for the third way , I believe most of the sex doll lovers do not have such a strong perseverance. But what I want to say here is that among some of our customers, there are indeed some customers who really love their medium booty sex doll girlfriends and are eager to treat their sex dolls as a memorable memory of their love memories, so they choose to bury her off.

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