Where to buy the most popular black silicone sex dolls

Such silicone black sex dolls are very popular and common in the circle, attracting the pursuit of countless sex doll lovers. There are different styles on the market, each with its own style. Such a realistic silicone black sex doll sex doll will naturally play a positive role, even if most people are watching the fun, if one in a thousand people is willing to buy it, the sales will be huge.

Sharon-fat alluring sexy attractive love doll

Manufacturing Issues Make Silicone eyes closed sex doll Not Easy to Buy

In previous articles and videos about silicone sex dolls, many people left messages saying where to buy what, but in fact, silicone sex dolls are hard to come by, so they don't sell well. There is no way to produce tens of thousands of products with automated equipment like regular sex dolls. In fact, if you buy a eyes closed sex doll and go back, you will know how real these sex dolls are and how difficult it is to buy them.

Bushy black hair Ethel 167cm beautiful love doll

The troublesome production process of silicone sex doll torso

If you are a friend who understands the production of silicone sex doll torso, you should know that this silicone doll head carving is basically handmade in large quantities and carefully crafted. Yes. At present, the body can already be mass-produced on the assembly line, but the output is also limited. After the model is made, it is sent to the workshop to be assembled by craftsmen. However, such complex diagrams required manual operations, from modeling to injecting starting materials, painting and coloring, and the process requirements were too detailed to be passed on to the sex doll assembly line. After all, it is normal that the output is not high, and they are all handmade.

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