Who invented the first lifelike sex doll ?

Because of the development of society, human beings are more and more able to accept new things, and the lifelike sex doll industry has developed accordingly. Nowadays, more and more people use lifelike sex doll, and some even regard them as wives, children, and many lifelike sex doll players will take their treasures to travel or play. So have you ever wondered how lifelike sex doll came about? This is certainly a story that social historians will unravel for years to come.

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The origin of hot sex doll

In the course of just a few hundred years, the original puppets have become lifelike sex dolls, and the technology behind them shows no signs of slowing down as human demand increases and human technology continues to improve. .

Let's take a trip down memory lane and unbox these pieces:

One of the earliest recorded instances of the use of sex toys was in the 17th century, when the Netherlands was so powerful that it often took its own sailors to trade abroad. Hand-stitched leather hot sex doll made by Dutch sailors at the time were traded with Japanese sailors. According to reports, sailors felt lonely on long voyages, and these Dutch sailors developed different emotions with hot sex doll, which is why Japanese people like to call hot sex doll Dutch wives.

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Insights on the origin of different axb sex doll

When the time came to World War II, many people were more willing to believe that the origin of axb sex doll was Germany. According to the production technology in the Netherlands at that time, they believed that it was difficult to produce sex products that could solve men's sexual life. So they think the invention of the axb sex doll came from the German surrealist artist Hans Bellmer.

"Bellmer's bizarre, erotic models in the 1930s differed from TPE sex doll only in that they lacked the necessary vagina," he noted in his 2010 book, "TPE sex doll: A History." These vaginas came into being at the end of World War II with the invention of TPE sex doll.

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Hitler invented expensive sex doll?

I think both of the above are true, but recently many people think that Hitler invented expensive sex doll, and we have done a lot of homework for this. Many now believe they were invented by Adolf Hitler. It was rumored that he was trying to stop German soldiers from having sex with non-Aryan women, and some said that he made policies to prevent sexually transmitted diseases in the Nazi army. However, there is absolutely no practical basis for Hitler's invention of the expensive sex doll.

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