Lifelike sex dolls weigh up to 30kg

The heavier the lifelike sex doll, the more expensive it is, it is a fact that comparing these big real sex dolls requires more material. Currently, all lifelike love doll websites sell physical dolls worth thousands of dollars on average. Compared with general inflatable dolls, real-life dolls have obvious advantages.

Makayla-WM Doll TPE Busty Whore With Clean Pussy Slender Real Doll Sex whit You

In addition to the refined features and realistic appearance, the texture of the material is also soft to the touch. The joints of the body can move. It imitates the movement of the human body, can adjust the posture at will, and has a built-in sound generator to support sound production, which can randomly emit sounds such as breathing sounds, which is unmatched by inflatable dolls. So in terms of price, authentic love dolls are much more expensive than inflatable dolls.

Most Popular Slim Real Dolls

Makenna-WM Doll Sexy Voluptuous American Chick Tiny Boobs Without Pubic Sex Doll

Today, the most popular in our dldollshop are real skinny sex dolls, the most popular slim dolls have oriental faces, white skin, long eyelashes and long black hair. For many people, real slim dolls are easier to have sex with, they think the slimmer sex dolls are lighter, emmmmm, this is wrong, the sex dolls we sell are all silicone dolls or tpe sex dolls, Therefore, all sex dolls are heavy, if you like light sex dolls, you can choose 25kg real dolls.

Comparison of real sex dolls and inflatable dolls

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