There are many reasons to buy a sex doll

There is no doubt that the demand for adult dolls has grown many times in recent decades, there is relevant data indicating that the global doll market size is currently about 3 billion U.S. dollars. In addition, as the demand for sex doll continues to grow, the number of buyers is also increasing and they are divided into different categories.
Treat them as their own children
Some men have unparalleled love and affection for their daughters because the real world cannot satisfy them. In order to experience their daughter's desire for love, they buy a real sex doll and treat it as their own daughter. Take care of their lives, buy them new clothes.
Longing for heterosexual partners
Due to the unfortunate reality of marriage, many couples are divorced, and most sex doll buyers are divorced men who seek happiness and sexual satisfaction. Married men who are dissatisfied with sex are also real buyers of the most popular real dolls. Of course, there are some women who buy sex dolls, because this is not the privilege of men.
Realistic dolls can help bereaved
Whether it is death or breakup, losing your partner is a pain for people, and an important part of this loss is the psychological blow. What people do when they need to be with them, they miss their partner very much, and many rely on customized love doll that not only meet physical needs, but also simplify the process of sadness. We can even customize dolls within reasonable parameters to make them similar to previous spouses or partners.

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