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Stories shared with us by love doll users
My brother and I bought a sex doll alone. I liked the same as his, so I bought the same sex doll. The only difference is that I bought a 151cm skinny sex doll and he bought a 155cm slim sex doll. . Worst of all, his little sex doll looked exactly like me and was wearing my panties. Yes, that's right, I fucked my brother's 155cm sex doll and it embarrassed me, I accidentally cheated on my "sister-in-law"

Advice for F cup real doll users

If you are buying sex dolls with friends or family members, choose different ones as much as possible. Our sex doll pics are not much different from the real ones. If you buy the same ones, the embarrassing things mentioned above may happen. If you like women of the same style, when buying 154cm sex dolls, try to distinguish as clearly as possible in height, buy 150cm sex dolls, or 160cm real dolls.

What to do in a threesome with a best sex doll

More and more people like threesomes. Although we don't agree with this approach, we still need to give you a piece of advice.
1. Clean your 153cm F Cup Sex Doll to avoid unnecessary diseases
2. Make sure your friend doesn't have an STD
3. Be gentle with your 152cm sex doll
4. After a threesome, don't dislike your 155cm love doll

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77 products