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TPE is a polymer material that combines the characteristics of rubber and thermal properties,it has high elasticity at room temperature, and can be plasticized at high temperatures. Compared with other material, TPE sex dolls are more realistic, when you touch thier skin, nose and breast, it feels more like a real people. These lifelike sex dolls are very popular on the market, they are cheap, light and easy to move.

Sex doll manufacturers have been trying different materials to make dolls have the best and more realistic appearance. TPE is a kind of ultra-realistic material that can be used to make dolls. Now in the love doll industry, it is an excellent material for anyone who wants to make lifelike sex dolls. First of all, the dolls made with TPE are much cheaper than other materials. Secondly, it has a soft skin-like touch, and their appearance is more natural than dolls of other materials. Finally, its stability is very strong, no matter how violent things you do on the doll, it can maintain its shape well.

TPE can produce affordable, sexy, realistic dolls, they can meet any of your needs at any time. All dolls in our shop can be ordered at any time. Hurry up and buy a love doll to experience a better sex life.

303 products

303 products