WM Doll Brand Introduction

WM is a sex doll company located in Guangzhou, China, with very advanced production technology and strict quality certification standards. They are best known for their thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) sex dolls. Products made from this material are flexible, soft, and respond to touch. Even though their product is so realistic, the price is very affordable, after all, the main product is cheap TPE Sex Doll.

WM sex doll of various themes

The wmdoll sex dolls are available in a variety of sizes and types, in addition, special features have been added to meet the special needs of consumers. All the products of this brand can be used vaginally, most of the TPE wm sex doll can be used in the anus and mouth, the most shocking thing is that some big boobs sex doll can also be used for sexual intercourse, which is unmatched by other products. You can find your sex wife based on different themes, such as flight attendants, porn stars, students, anime girls and many more. They have all kinds of international realistic sex doll, Asian Japanese, Chinese, European British, German, you name it, they have it.

A sex doll brand comparable to wm

There is no progress without competition. Although wm sex dolls are the best in the industry, they also have some strong competitors. Next, let us know about several other brands:
1.Irontech Sex Doll: If wm love doll is a multi-type and balanced development brand, then irontech real doll focuses on European and American styles. The products they produce are very popular in Europe and the United States.
2. Sanhui Sex Doll: The price-performance ratio is lower than that of wm real doll, mainly producing silicone love dolls. Although expensive, the quality is the best of all brands.

290 products

290 products