Gain knowledge! These three factors affect the lifespan of lifelike sex dolls

There are no sustainable political parties in the world. This old adage makes it clear that people are faced with the fact of being separated from relatives and friends, which inevitably leads to grief and pain. Saying goodbye and leaving is the saddest thing ever, whether it's a friend, partner, family member, or even someone we've been with for a long time. But unlike people's life and death and other reasons, there is no time, and the duration of the lifelike sex doll "ass" is completely controllable and not difficult.

Lifelike sex dolls are very important to some people. In their hearts, lifelike real dolls will still occupy a very important place. After all, lifelike love dolls bring so many different colors to their lives. Therefore, they will be eager to know the age of the lifelike sex dolls before they own, can protect and depend on it.

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But before we talk about this, we need to know this, just like anything else in life. For example, a car needs maintenance after a period of driving, and because it is often driven in poor road conditions, it requires frequent maintenance.

For the same reason, well-preserved lifelike silicone sex doll tend to survive longer than dolls that have been indiscriminately physically abused. So while it's impossible to say how long a silicone real doll will stay, there are many factors at play. Here are some key features of sex dolls:

Hot sex doll material

This is the most important factor, the hot sex doll is made of high quality material and can withstand harsh operating environments and other mechanical factors that could cause it to break. Of course, the disadvantage of this is that TPE and high-quality silicone are relatively expensive, especially the latter.

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However, this is a normal relationship between quality and price, if you want to buy hot love doll, you should buy the best quality. This is because of a good quality hot sex doll, how long it will stay with you.

Are big booty sex doll secondhand?

Of course, the more dolls you play with and the more they wear, the shorter their lifespan. However, with regularly used sex dolls, the effects of this wear and tear can be reduced with proper care and maintenance, especially when it comes to water and washing.

Also, and more importantly, it needs to be done carefully. Rough handling can cause cracks, cracks, and even falls, shortening the lifespan of the sex doll. So rougher treatment, less time can be spent in good shape.

How to protect your big booty sex doll

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Maintenance is important for many reasons, especially when it comes to your health. Plus, maintenance is one of the easiest ways to make your big booty sex doll live longer.

This includes regular cleaning - especially in more complex areas, frequent watering with mineral oil and the use of oil (oil). Most importantly, avoid the use of harmful chemicals, including acidic solvents, alcohol, silicone oils, and more.

There is another important thing about storage. The ideal environment is to remember to keep the big booty real doll in a cool, dry place, lay flat, or hang the big booty sex doll over clothing. Extreme temperatures and humidity can shorten the lifespan of sex dolls. factor.

Finally, before the above factors, it is important to ensure that your product is purchased from a reputable and accurate reseller.

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In other words, because female sex doll are a long-term product and a long-term investment, first of all you have to have a high-quality sex doll, a sex doll that is not easy to damage, and combined with the correct use and maintenance, it can be. Effectively prolong the life of sex dolls. for life.

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