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Many newbies often have a lot of concerns before buying real sex dolls before entering the ring. Zhihu has a popular question about lifelike physical lifelike sex dolls, and that is how to buy real dolls. But for real-life dolls, you usually only need to pay attention to the following four points: material, feel, weight, and price. Then find an option for your budget and type. The doll looks at the local effects of makeup, eyes, eyebrows, etc. on the head carving details, and looks at the skeleton, body makeup and other effects on the body details.

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Material selection for hot real silicone sex dolls

At present, there are two main materials for physical dolls on the market: silica gel and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). Their advantages and disadvantages are very obvious. Silicone has odor control, durability, and makeup application capabilities on TPE, but silicone sex dolls made from silicone are expensive.

Because the price of silicone raw materials is much higher than TPE, and the materials cannot be reused, if the molding fails (bubbles and defects), these raw materials are lost and cannot be recycled. Of course, this is why silicone can be a food-grade material. The softness of TPE is generally higher than that of silicone, the cost of raw materials is lower, and the room for fault tolerance is large, so the most realistic hot sex dolls made of TPE on the market are generally cheaper.

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Sensual Differences in Perfect hot sex doll

Now the general view is that the silicone material is harder than TPE, because the hardness is related to the manufacturer's formula ratio. Some manufacturers pay attention to makeup, so silicone is difficult to apply makeup, and it can keep makeup longer. The softness of TPE material is related to the proportion of oil, so the common problem of mild TPE is that it is easy to produce oil stains, which requires frequent cleaning and dust removal. So, if you're buying a super good hot sex doll, you should know what kind of material you're comfortable with and make sure you're getting a good feel for it.

Great selection of female sex doll sizes

Many doll owners feel that the doll they bought at home is too big, and they sweat profusely when they move the doll out of the box. In fact, this is because the simulation of the real doll body is very high, and because the material inside the body has a real flesh and blood, the material of the aniseed is made of hard plastics such as molds. The leg part is thick. When choosing lifelike dolls, it is not advisable to choose love doll with excessive body proportions and dolls that are too high, so as not to affect the experience.

For the lifelike doll head carving, I take the silicone head carving as an example. Considering that the makeup must be long-lasting and not fade, all the applications are now spraying technology, unlike the previous makeup that was painted by several makeup artists, which is called industrial makeup. spray. And spray makeup is not afraid of water contact, do not worry about contact with water, makeup takes time. For the eye part, the eyes are generally semi-circular, but spherical is also used, and the effect is not much different.

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The eyelashes are glued on, which is not very technically difficult. Eyelashes are very demanding. If you want a good head sculpt, you need to wear eyelashes. The effect of embedding and sticking is very different. You can see the difference if you look closely. There are also some lip details, like lip liner and color, that are subject to craft testing.

Finally, let’s talk about the price. In fact, the price of lifelike female sex doll released by real people is reduced in price, which generally refers to the degree of less exquisiteness. Of course, good things have to be more expensive, and some manufacturers have made a lot of improvements and copies for sex dolls, and the results are amazing. But the price cannot exceed or detract from the value, because dolls are not cheap or luxury goods, the price is too low and the price is too high to destroy the sensitive market environment of this industry, so, in general, the current price. dldoll doll. All prices on the market are in compliance with the prevailing market rules.

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