How to Use a Big Butt Love Doll Properly

This is the funniest question I've ever heard of this century, and it's usually asked by virgins! ! 1 Hahahaha, good joke here, next I will tell you about the skills of using love doll.

Treat your wm big booty sex doll like a wife

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A sex doll is actually a living object, she understands your joys and sorrows, and she shares the pain of life for you, so please use the greatest patience and the most gentle way when dealing with these sex dolls. It's like having sex with your wife or girlfriend or sex partner, of course if you're a rough man, it's okay to use violence to conquer these sex dolls, all in all, sex with big booty sex dolls is like sex with real people it's the same.

Preparing for sex with a fat sex doll

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First, take the received sex doll to the bathroom, and bathe the sex doll for sanitation. In order to make the body of the sex doll soft, the TPE material contains a certain oil. Over time, there will be oil on the surface of the wm sex doll. Therefore, it is often necessary to bathe the sex doll to remove the oil. The internal structure of the sex doll's body is set by imitating human actions. Reverse bending of hands and feet or excessive force will cause fractures or damage to the internal structure, reducing the service life. Otherwise the body will be torn apart and cannot be repaired. When the joint is flexed, there will be creases on the surface of the skin, which will slowly recover when unfolded. When storing, a better way is to straighten the limbs and place them facing the sky.

Thank you for your support of our sex doll site

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After reading this article, everyone has a certain understanding of giving type sex dolls. Sex dolls can also be divided into male and female dolls. Some friends choose to use fat sex doll for both men and women in order to meet their needs. Some people are curious and want to know what sex dolls are. No matter what situation you are in when you buy a sex doll, you will feel the difference.

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