Comparison of real sex dolls and inflatable dolls

Realistic sex dolls may be relatively unfamiliar to some people, and many people may just know that inflatable dolls do not know Realistic dolls. There is a big difference between Realistic dolls and inflatable dolls. The literal meaning is very clear, one is the real description is a highly simulated person, which means that the touch will definitely be very good. The other is that it is not so good when inflated. After all, it is still a balloon, just a human-shaped balloon. Then in the early 21st century, Realistic dolls finally appeared.

WM Sex Toy Huge BoobsTeenage The Best American TPE Real Doll

This kind of sex doll was first made of silicone, with fine workmanship and much better than inflatable dolls, but the price was also high, and people's consumption level was not so high at that time, so the real silicone love dolls were not sold very well at first. Because real sex dolls are so beautiful and delicate, they are used by unscrupulous businesses as promotional images for inflatable dolls. Lifelike sex dolls are different from inflatable dolls, and the cost is much higher. After all, inflatable dolls are mostly made of plastic materials and can be mass-produced. Generally, they only weigh a few pounds and have an ugly appearance. The lifelike sex dolls are made of silicone. It can reach the level of reality that the naked eye cannot distinguish, and the weight can reach several tens of kilograms.

The workmanship of silicone dolls

Silicone sex dolls can accompany you and meet your needs every day. Real silicone sex dolls are really good at this level. These super-real silicone sex dolls are carefully crafted by craftsmen, so this level of dolls is also a more expressive doll and a more refreshing experience, with very expressive breast and vagina contours. Even the eyelashes and the inside of the private parts are very real and can be compared with real people.

How to choose cheap sex dolls

How to choose realistic cheap love doll? There are more and more brands of sex dolls on the market now, with high and low prices, and various types. Many doll friends want a cost-effective doll, but do not know how to choose. Maybe because of the price, everyone is afraid of being deceived, and comparing the price of a sex doll is as high as thousands of perfect gold.

TPE+Silica Gel Sex Dolls For Men Wonderful Sister with Black Pupil-Irene AXB Doll

When we choose to buy sex dolls, we must not miss the details. Of course, makeup is also important, so our company requires all manufacturers to give us good cosmetics and the best makeup artist. In order to make it easy for everyone to buy, they have been giving a very affordable price. We have always been thinking and solving problems from the perspective of users. From 16 years to now, we have been recognized by many friends at home and abroad. After the evaluation of our sex dolls by our customers at different times, it is also concluded that our dldollshop has a good control of the smell and oil production that everyone cares about the most. This quality control is excellent. In the world, although our products are not the most cost-effective, our price-performance ratio is definitely the highest in the world. If you need a cost-effective product, then our company must not miss it.

Distinguish sex dolls from material

At present, realistic sex dolls are divided into two materials, one is a more expensive silicone material, and the other is a more intimate, softer and more comfortable TPE material. Our dldollshop uses TPE material that meets environmental protection standards, which is safe and non-toxic. The most perfect tpe sex doll in the world are usually made of high quality TPE material. In addition to high-quality materials, materials can also be processed through special processes. The material treated with this process prevents oil from seeping out of the skin and increases the durability of the sex doll.

In addition to the technology and materials used, the built-in alloy skeleton. It can simulate 99% of the real person's posture, and it is a fine processing technology in processing. The skeleton of the sex doll is very strong. The joints are strong and durable, which also makes the perfect sex doll able to hold a variety of positions and stand alone. A problem with cheap sex dolls is that over time, their joints will loosen, and with prolonged use, the doll's joints will become weak and supple. High quality love dolls will hold their joints stronger for longer.

Cute miss with huge boobs-Real silica gel doll-Maeve Sanhui Japanese Doll

Now, with the improvement of people's consumption level, in addition to the use of silicone, the sex doll also uses TPE. The TPE material is softer and more comfortable and the price is more affordable. Silica gel generally starts at tens of thousands, and TPE materials are all within 10,000 yuan. Most of the dolls made of TPE fluctuate in the price of several thousand yuan, and the specific price is usually determined according to different heights and figures. Therefore, if you want to buy a cost-effective doll, it is right to choose TPE dolls. When purchasing, you must pay attention to identifying regular manufacturers!

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