Lifelike Sex Dolls Protection - Her Feet Matters Too

On real sex doll forums and pill discussion groups, we often see posts from lifelike hot sex doll owners and questions from other sex doll buddies. They all ask the same question: What if my lifelike sex dolls is broken? What if her leg was broken by a physical bullet?

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The importance of protecting silicone sex dolls

They spend a lot of money on lifelike japanese sex dolls, so love and care for this precious collection. A small bullet wound was so big for them that they bothered to fix it. Next, dldollshop will briefly talk about the process of protecting these beautiful silicone sex dolls.

In fact, this is the problem, here are some good solutions to share with silicone sex doll users! If lifelike sex doll feet are gray, how do you clean them? Don't rely on weird, never use caustic alcohol or gasoline to clean. Someone who has everyday knowledge and knows it will ruin your precious body. In fact, normal cleaning is as simple as using hot water and soap.

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The first step in protecting lifelike hot sex doll

Wipe down the legs of a lifelike sex doll, and how to fix it? Apply TPE solid pill repair solution to the tear area. Prepare an untreated surface, allow the solution to fully penetrate the tear, hold it in place with a hard tool for a few minutes, then wait about 5-6 hours and the lifelike hot sex doll will be perfect.

Second step of protecting lifelike japanese sex doll

So how do you usually keep your feet out of dust? I believe you shower every day and wear socks. The japanese sex doll of our lifelike sex doll can also wear clothes, which will not cause her any harm, and secondly, after you have sex with the japanese sex doll, wash the lower body of the japanese hot sex doll in time, which not only protects her, but also protects you.

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