Popular science articles - the evolutionary history of lifelike sex dolls

What do male adult products look like? Especially the structured experience in place. With this in mind, Japan invented an inflatable humanoid lifelike sex dolls that resembles a plastic ring in the last century. Because its material is similar to an ordinary swimming ring, it can be folded at will, and it can be easily stored after use. As long as it is inflated, it can become a human shape, so it is called an "inflatable sex doll". But the fact is that in that era The inflatable lifelike sex dolls was not the "sex doll" of today.

Baby fat face Myrna 153cm cute sexy love doll

So what is this product called? In the face of such adult products, people later dubbed it "human-shaped balloon toys". Because they are the simplest, most savage, balloon-like toys. Compared to the inflatable mascots in front of the supermarket, these inflatable toys are more user-friendly and have different functions for you to use. But nonetheless, the introduction of the lifelike sex dolls surprised many men in high demand, and once it was released, it was highly praised - especially in Japan, where sales have grown significantly!

Diversified functions of love doll

This product has also been developed for other uses. For example, a 19-year-old man used an inflatable sex love doll as a lifebuoy as a rescue tool during floods in Australia in 2011, which was a joke. There is also a little sympathy.

With the advancement of material technology and the development of product design, people have invented portable and delicate aircraft cups. One of the convenient but unsatisfactory trends invented by humans is simplicity and dexterity. So, in the past, aircraft cups are still very popular today. It is about the size of a cylinder with a hole. It is very convenient to use, easy to carry and easy to hide.

slender sexy alluring love doll

It used to be a product that many consumers tried to buy. The problem, however, is that such a small aircraft cup doesn't make much of a difference to the numbers. After all, most people still need a full hug, not just decorations and props. However, with the passage of time, the kind of real-life sex love doll gradually appeared. At this point, love doll have begun to enter the direction of high simulation.

Detachable, removable hot sex doll appear

At first, the whole body of the hot sex doll design and production was still very solid, the material was not suitable, and even the figure was angular! Moreover, their forms are fixed and monolithic and cannot meet the diverse needs of all. To overcome these shortcomings, people figured out how to develop doll models with a high level of human simulation, i.e. moveable physical hot sex doll.

gorgeous glamorous sexy beautiful love doll

Each part of the doll's body can be disassembled, and different shapes can be specified. Some hot sex doll can be adjusted by turning the parts at different angles. In addition, their faces have also become harmonious and unassuming, which meets people's aesthetic needs to a certain extent. Of course, the details are still not satisfactory, such as the skin is still very hard, not sensitive enough, not soft enough.

Until ten or twenty years ago, the performance of the prosthesis, the feel of the skin and the face of the sex doll were greatly improved. At the same time, developers have also begun to try to use simulated bones to make physical hot sex doll, making their postures more flexible and adaptable, giving users a more realistic feeling and better experience.

However, it's really hard. After all, human bones and joints are complex, flexible and ergonomic, and imitation is not easy! In addition, people have begun to use high-quality, soft silicone or medical non-toxic TPE to make physical wm sex doll. These materials are safer and more tactile.

Gradually perfected sexy female sex doll will be mainstream

With the gradual improvement of the female sex dolls body, the sex doll manufacturer Yuna Technology began to install additional functions on the sex doll, such as a heating function, so that the "body temperature" above 30 degrees can be maintained for a period of time. , allowing users to build relationships with real people. Embrace the feeling of intoxication! In terms of appearance, the appearance of female sex doll has also made a qualitative leap. Their hair was starting to be buried in real hair, and most of their faces were thrown out. Live models, and they look alike.

cute beautiful alluring Paula love doll

Raising the level of additional simulation is the main trend for the future development of Yura sex dolls. Today, physical fat sex doll can simulate real human voices, body temperature and even weight release! Future sex dolls may also recognize users, interact with users, play fun games, etc., and respond differently. I believe at the time, this could be a huge test for the future and human intimacy!

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