Technical - How to Fix a realistic sex doll

Realistic tpe sex doll are cute things made from one-by-one molds. Because the skeleton is attached to the alloy inside, it also resists the wm tpe sex doll's feet. But over time, the realistic sex doll skin or TPE material inevitably gets damaged. Except for some irreparable damage, general lesions can be repaired. But these damages can only be repaired with sufficient knowledge of the repair methods.

One of the possible injuries a realistic love doll can do to the body is teeth from impact, or teeth from excessive brushing. On the other hand, if it is not removed and placed properly, further damage to the coil may occur. Don't worry too much about this damage, as the deck can only be repaired in a few steps.

tender slim coquettish love doll

One of the tools you need if you want to get a better fix on your realistic wm doll is an infrared thermometer. This tool is very useful as it provides accurate temperature response during repairs knowing that TPE is a very heat sensitive material.

A warm handkerchief, this simple fix requires only a warm handkerchief to cover visible gaps in the coils for a short time. When the damaged part is hot, cover these steps with a towel and cover the damaged area with your hands until the house is no longer visible.

Warm dry high end tpe sex doll hair

A curling iron is not only useful for detangling hair, but while most of us consider this tool only for damp hair, it is also an invaluable tool for straightening curls on tpe high end sex doll dry hair. All you need for this method is a clean damp towel.

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To prevent dirt, wipe the high end tpe sex doll with a white towel whenever possible, cover the teeth with a damp cloth and heat it with a hair dryer. With continued heating, the teeth will begin to grow slowly. Repairing Physical Injuries in Dogs In addition to dandruff, another common injury that can lead to physical injury is bruising and stinging, which can be remedied in the following ways.

Acid caustic tpe sex doll

When seeing acid, apply a small amount of TPE flower with a sharp tool. Next, pull the cracked sides together and hold for a few minutes until fully closed. Before applying gum, make sure the damaged area is completely clean, you can use a 70% isopropyl alcohol cleaner.

Use a spatula to spread the TPE glue evenly over the tear of the realistic tpe sex doll, avoid putting too much TPE glue on the spatula as this will cause too much glue to spread to the skin of the cake. After sealing, wipe off excess gum with a clean cloth. Avoid using your fingers to remove the glue as this will leave unwanted marks on the cake. Finally, let the cake sit for a while.

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Blowing pornstar sex doll with a heat gun

How to deal with the lines on the surface of the tpe pornstar sex doll? The first thing to do is to clean the damaged side of the cake with oil or baby oil, in addition to cleaning it will distribute the heat evenly. After applying baby oil or oil jelly, start using a heat gun on the damaged area.

Pay attention to the distance between the heat gun and the gun skin, do not get too close to the gun, otherwise it will cause serious burns to the surface material, keep a distance of at least 10 cm. The melting point of the TPE coil is about 110.. when it starts to melt, you will see a glaze like surface when it stops connecting to the heat switch.

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After heating to the right temperature, take a clean cloth and gently wipe the irregular lines on the surface of the cake. After heating and cooling several times, the damaged area will heal again. It is worth mentioning that the temperature of the heating surface will drop rapidly. Therefore, after a firearm is intercepted, it needs to be removed as soon as possible.

Repair American tpe sex doll cut

You can repair facial scars on pornstar TPE sex doll scrubs using a procedure similar to the one above. However, it takes practice to fully correct. You need the right tools and methods to repair small wounds on TPE pads for the best possible repair of body wounds.

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Repairing normal American sex toy head doll damage is not difficult. It requires more personal care and proper maintenance methods and equipment. Repair work can also be done remotely under the guidance of a dealer.

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