Doll Struggle - Realistic Sex Doll Are Not Bubble Dolls

Sex dolls from the world of realistic love doll are the name given to realistic sex doll made of plastic and other materials. Of course, so-called realistic semi-physical sex doll also fall into this category.

Inflatable love doll

Let's start with the inflatable love doll, these inflatable sex toys girl dolls are cheap and labor-intensive. This realistic inflatable love doll needs enough pumping to have a rugged look. When you open the box while you're waiting for a quote, you'll find something like plastic in front of you, like a leather bag, and because it's not in the air. The head area is very ugly.

beautiful cute delicate desirable love doll

When you spend a lot of energy and keep pumping and finally prop up the inflatable love doll, you will find a strange human-shaped balloon appearing in front of you, (even if it is not flying) at this stage you just want the air to fall over and toss it in the trash . The enthusiasm that had just risen in my heart suddenly vanished. Finally: I was cheated.

Half body wm doll

Next, let's look at so-called semi-physical wm Silicone Sex Doll. The so-called semi-rigid wm sex doll actually means that the head and chest are made of hard materials, and some parts are pressed tightly. It looks a little better than a clean wm blow-up doll, and some wm doll can be filled with water to enhance the look and feel. Semi-rigid sex dolls are not much different from real inflatable realistic sex dolls, and the price is only a few hundred yuan.

Then look at sex dolls. The real chinese sex doll is made of all silicone/TPE material. It has a more rational vision and vision than the two mentioned above. It is a skeleton of an internal alloy material that mimics the real human condition. Human dolls cannot be folded and stored like inflatable dolls in terms of material and design, and the price is relatively expensive, generally ranging from several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan.

cute alluring attractive sexy love doll

Types of big booty silicone sex doll:

Now realistic silicone sex doll makeup has become very conscious, the overall look is more convincing and accurate, and the details are poorly handled. For example, texture development using skin mimicry is a great visual experience. Realistic big booty sex doll are roughly divided into: pure, sweet, wild, mature, etc. according to their styles. The main materials are: silicone, TPE, sponge and other materials.

Mannequin tpe sex dolls:
1. The skin is smooth and sensitive, close to real people, and feels closer to real skin. The hard interior, mainly made of safe and non-toxic silicone/TPE, has a strong coating, high durability and easy cleaning. It also has material properties, waterproof, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, non-corrosion, non-toxic, chemically stable, and can keep soft and elastic for a long time.

alluring lovely gorgeous love doll

2. The interior of each component adopts polymer composite material and alloy body, which can imitate many real people.
Most of today's tpe sex doll can be equipped with automatic heating functions, which can heat the body parts to a constant temperature, which is closer to the real human touch.

Fourth, for a more realistic feeling, a vibration sensor is installed in the body part. When rubbing, a voice tag will be attached, and the corresponding sound can be rendered according to the frequency and amplitude of the operation.

wm tpe sex doll using physical models:

The use of wm tpe sex doll is roughly divided into three stages: before use, during use, and after use.
Before using the mock-up, it should be cleaned to remove contaminants and odors from the factory. Use lotions and lotions to prevent breakouts. Wash and disinfect with warm water after use, then gently rinse with a towel, dry naturally and store.

glamorous charming attractive love doll

In today's diverse society, adult products are no longer taboo and obscure. The market is increasingly accepting adult products, so the domestic corporate sex trans doll market is expanding. Despite the current high price of corporate dollars, many can still afford it. We all know there are lizards

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