Shock! Lifelike sex dolls gamer has 12 real sex dolls

In the United States, a man in his 60s now chooses to live with 12 human lifelike sex dolls after two failed marriages. And his children gradually accepted and recognized his behavior and ideas, and even took pictures of the elderly and dolls, kept and dressed up sex dolls together, and even celebrated festivals.

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Aged Dean can't live without his silicone sex doll

Dean, who is nearly 60 years old, owns 12 real-life dolls, and Dean also buys clothes, cosmetics and holiday gifts for 12 silicone sex dolls he considers "girlfriends." Rhiannon, in her 20s, is Dean's daughter. According to foreign media reports, Dean left his social life three years ago, rarely interacts with the opposite sex in real life, and lives with a sex physical doll all the year round. For example, Leano now helps father Dean maintain, make up and replace his 12 dolls every time he comes home.

That's what Dean told reporters, maybe some people thought my behavior was bad, but I didn't hurt anyone. "While my dad didn't hurt or hurt anyone, I knew it was crazy to do that," Leano said. For example, every time I come home, the silicone sex doll "Dolly" is lying in bed watching TV, "Athena" is making tea in the kitchen, and the blond "Sarah" is reading a book upstairs.

"When I first found the Sarah lifelike sex doll, after a few hours I stopped using it as a sex toy," Dean said. Dean often separates different sex dolls, swapping "head sculpts" and "body" with each other, and is somewhat excited about his movements. Dean said he originally bought the dolls to be photographed as his buddies and models, but now the hot sex dolls have become his "girlfriends" for the rest of his life. Dean buys dolls online from various doll makers. I can afford it now. Dean said my house was not on loan and I had a pension.

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WM sex doll are gaining momentum

Physical sex dolls become partners or models, characters, etc., so will the future of physical wm sex doll be seen everywhere like clothes? Thanks to the progress of science and technology and the openness of human minds. Today, adult toys are gradually changing from "speaking about color change" to "speaking about sex". At the global adult products exhibition, the highlight and focus is the display of physical dolls. Since the advent of inflatable dolls, the production level of dolls has advanced by leaps and bounds, and the level of simulation has reached a very high level.

At the last adult expo, the "doll" was attractive and skin-covered. She was covered in snow, with long straight black hair draped in a thin fabric, rosebuds and peach buds, and an alluring lip. But it's not just a handful of wm sex doll makers who feel powerless due to high technical requirements and high costs, but the price doesn't sell.

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In fact, Chinese love doll manufacturers started developing smart physical dolls as early as 2007. In 2017, a large factory successfully developed an intelligent physical doll called "Harmony". Some human responses are possible thanks to state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and support for machine programming.

Unfortunately, the smartest lifelike dolls on the market aren't usually manufactured, they're designed and customized in the lab. Why can't we produce supernatural dolls? The main reasons for the limitation are technology and production costs. For example, the price of "Harmony" dolls ranges from 1W to 5W, while the price of domestic smart physical dolls is more than a dozen. thousands. Dollar.

Some brand-new domestic dolls, such as dldollshop, are also gradually developing in the direction of intelligent physical mini sex dolls. Is intelligent physical doll the future development direction of the physical doll industry? The answer is yes. With the rapid development of science and technology, the rapid development of artificial intelligence is also accelerating the slow transformation of the physical doll industry. Driven by the concept of Inapura technology, we are committed to advocating a healthy gender culture and striving to become a world-renowned manufacturer of physical sex dolls.

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