The development of lifelike sex doll-(1)

Is this a story of porn, violence, sci-fi or money? No, this is not a porn site, this article is about the history of lifelike sex doll to let our lifelike sex doll friend know more about his lover. We have been a nation obsessed with sex since Nuwa created man. We want to know more about it, to rule it, to have as much of it as possible, and to think about it as much as possible, or we just do as much of it as possible.

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To satisfy human desires - hot sex doll were born

8 AD. When the first hot sex doll was born. In The Metamorphoses, the author wrote a myth about a woman Pygmalion carved out of ivory and then fell in love with her. That generation of hot sex doll is called Galatia. He fell in love with her beautiful eyes, beautiful hair, slender legs. He was so obsessed with her, bathed her, fed her, and of course slept with her, that eventually Aphrodite (presumably tired of being weird) made her a real woman. Thus, the erotic version of the hot sex doll was born.

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Emergence of statue sex doll genie

In the 11th and 12th centuries, the world started a sex frenzy, and it was this lifelike nude sex doll genie made of marble. Society at the time began to encourage touching nude statues. And this marble hot sex doll genie, also known as "Sheela-na-gigs", was carved on the side of churches in England and Ireland, and the commoners hoped that such a hot sex doll genie could be used to suppress evil spirits. Carved with exaggerated vulvae, a legend of the time said that touching these sexy busts would give you the power to heal others. Perhaps, to enhance the sexual capabilities of civilians?

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