What is the status of the physical female sex doll on the truck?

Due to the asymmetry of information in the past, the general public's impression of female sex doll is still at the level of "inflatable dolls". The early Roulinzhi incident in Xi'an was a long-lost stalk that netizens desperately complained about. The incident revealed that the general public's awareness of female sex doll and inflatable dolls is still blank.

Constance-busty plump attractive noble love doll

Fat sex doll industry standards still need to be improved

Fat sex doll are a mysterious product and a category in high demand. As the saying goes, you need a person, so you need a product like this. In the past public opinion environment, this has always been a delicate topic, and everyone adopts a conservative concept. Faced with this situation, it is difficult to find an independent brand in China, because the fat sex doll company used to be mainly OEM.

160cm medium breast Katherine elegant love doll

Changes in the chinese sex doll industry in recent years

In recent years, with the improvement of national culture and the continuous increase of foreign exchange, the Chinese are willing to spend more money on physiological products, and the demand for chinese sex doll has promoted the rapid development of the industry. Relevant reports show that the size of chinese sex doll market will exceed 100 billion in 2022.

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