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Art comes from life. With the gradual emergence of Hyper Realistic sex doll on the Internet and in life, sex doll products have attracted the attention of many people. After all, sex dolls are a new thing in the eyes of many people, and many people still don’t know much about japanese doll sex toy. As far as I know, the most frequently discussed topic in the doll friends exchange group is: Is a sex doll a sex toy for venting physical desires, or is it a unique, warm and beautiful partner? Can Hyper Realistic sex doll replace the real person to a certain extent? And her existence, does it have any effect on the real lover and intimacy in life?

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How to define a japanese doll sex toy?

There are many names for sex dolls, some people call her real love doll, some people call her love dolls, but many people who have never been in contact with sex dolls call her inflatable dolls.What we dldollshop sells is a kind of simulation doll with a high degree of realism, which is a simulation doll made by real people. One of her great features is the ability to provide adult pornography. At present, most of the people who buy japanese doll sex toy are for sexual desire and regard them as erotic dolls. There have been some movies and media reports that have mentioned such dolls in the past. With the iterative revolution of simulation technology and the development and innovation of materials, the original aircraft cups and inflatable dolls have been gradually replaced, and artificial dolls have been derived. People usually need a lot of fantasy, such as visual and tactile stimulation and psychological satisfaction, which gradually generates the demand for simulated dolls. The simulated form of a love doll is based on this starting point, and she is actually just one of the many categories of adult products.

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Is it too one-sided to see it only as a big booty sex doll?

For sex doll players, the term "sex doll" is a bit prejudicial, and such a name will make these sex doll players very annoyed, as if it is a kind of discrimination, as if he has a doll and will be treated differently. As far as we know, people who buy sex dolls generally regard sex dolls as sex toys, but in sex doll forums, or real fat sex doll players in the sex doll group, they regard these dolls as family members and partners, and some users Nor will she use her adult functions, only play walks and cosplay with it. In fact, users only need to be a little more subtle and subtle. In fact, in my opinion, this single view defines and understands sex dolls too narrowly, and we need to stretch her definition. So is owning a sex doll any different from other supplies? In fact, big booty sex doll users will be more demanding to meet their needs and requirements, they know what they want better, and they can better serve themselves.

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