Are sex doll torsos popular?

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Sex doll bodies were a huge hit as soon as they came out. Our dldollshop is highly confident. Fifteen of our perfect sex doll torso have been sold in just half a month, which shows how hot this market is. Most of our clients say that torso sex dolls are better than full body sex dolls, this is because half body sex dolls are easier to hide, which is suitable for those who have sex with sex dolls at home, and most of them are eager to try this popular project. Wide audience and high acceptance. Although there is some controversy now, some people think that a torso sex doll is like a person whose body has been cut in half.

Many tpe sex doll sellers talk to us for cooperation

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I receive sex doll cooperation emails from all over the country every day, but we rarely cooperate with those sex doll partners. You can see from our category page that there are not many tpe sex doll brands that we cooperate with. This is because , When we choose our partners, we will apply some sex dolls sent by them in advance. Many tpe sex dolls do not meet our requirements. We need super real tpe sex dolls. This is because we want our customers to have the most A good tpe sex doll experience will make our site's reputation better and better, so we weed out a lot of poor quality sex dolls.

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