The sm sex doll experience hall has exploded on the Internet

Recently, the sm doll experience hall appeared on some short video media platforms. As soon as the news came out, it immediately attracted the attention of many netizens. Adult products are products that everyone is familiar with. But as a high-end product in adult products - sm sex dolls, many people may only see sex dolls from time to time, but they have never experienced sex dolls. In fact, in today's environment where the Internet is rapidly developing. Especially in the adult product industry, in the sex doll frenzy, the budding sm dolls have shown their prominence with the help of short video platforms.

Ellie-TPE+Silicone D Cup Real Love Real Doll

The store owner of the Real Doll Experience Center said: "The price of all silicone dolls is very high. The domestic dolls are basically more than 10,000 yuan, and the better dolls cost tens of thousands. Our TPE dolls are relatively cheap. Most You can buy it for a few thousand yuan and go home. Now the price of online sales ranges from a few hundred yuan to a thousand yuan. But they are all hanging sheep's heads, selling dog meat, hanging photos of silicone dolls, and selling inflatable dolls. I hope everyone Don't be fooled by inflatable dolls, if you want to buy sm love dolls, then you must choose us!!!

Why come to the japanese sex dolls experience center

Many people are afraid to come to the Japanese sex doll experience hall, most of them come in without anyone, and even the regulars tend to go straight to the point after saying hello. A lot of people think it's a shame to have sex with high quality Japanese sex dolls. Customers here want to feel safe from giving away their privacy. Many people think that sex dolls are very light, which is their stereotype of inflatable dolls. Nowadays, Japanese silicone sex dolls are all relatively heavy. When customers come in, they look small, but they are actually heavy.

Gianna-Silicone F Cup Torso Sex Doll

What the owner of the sex doll torso experience hall said

The person in charge said that since the store opened, many customers have reported that the doll is a bit heavy and not flexible enough. This is because these love dolls are not handmade blow-up dolls, the material is meant to bear its weight. To solve these problems, we have introduced torso real dolls, which are relatively light torsos and better suited for sex. These sex doll torsos are especially popular at sex doll experience halls.

WM Brand Silicone Sex Doll

Comparison of real sex dolls and inflatable dolls

Do I wash my real love doll immediately after using it?

Lifelike sex dolls weigh up to 30kg

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